A Powerful Voice For Foster Youth


Hi! Welcome!

My name is Melani, I’m a wife, mother and full time advocate for Foster Care Reform. I’m originally from Petaluma, California now residing in Southern Alabama due to entering the Foster System and being a survivor of Child Trafficking. My goal is to shine the light, spread awareness and to bestow the right to pursue happiness on the foster care system, by sharing my foster care journey with the world!

Setting a Foster Care Platform for the state of Alabama to better the lives of foster children and youth while their stay in the foster system. Shaping foster care policies is highly crucial and important for our youth, they are our future. I will be the voice of the forgotten!

When youth “age out” of foster care, they are at high risk for lack of education, unemployment, incarceration, early parenthood, physical and mental health issues, sex trafficking and becoming homeless. -Project Meet Me Halfway

Currently, there are more than 400,000 foster children and youth in the Child Welfare System. In Alabama statistics conclude more than 5,000 foster children and youth.

In 2015, of the 428,000 children in foster care, more than 17,000 had case goals of emancipation, or aging out after leaving foster care without a permanent family. -Children’s Rights

Thank you to everyone who shows their compassion and empathy through sharing my post about Foster Care Awareness, it means an incredible amount to me. Here it goes, stay tuned in! More to come!

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